We’re Calling on Companies to Commit to 1.5˚C

As the climate crisis continues to deepen, its effects are becoming more visible, impacting the lives of more people and communities around the world – including businesses. This rise in public awareness of and concern about the costs of climate change highlights the urgency of immediate climate action. 

In the face of this challenging crisis, transitioning to strategies that will limit global warming to a maximum of 1.5°C may open doors to new economic opportunities. Many businesses have already made commitments to climate action with these opportunities in mind; however, this is not enough. More progress must be made, and quickly, to prevent climate change’s most dangerous impacts. It is vital that all businesses, especially those that have been silent on the threat of climate change, step up.

BSR, along with its partners in the We Mean Business coalition, calls on all companies that have not yet done so to commit to setting an ambitious science-based emission reduction target. Signal your commitment to setting your company target by signing this pledge.

Learn more about the Business Ambition for 1.5°C  Pledge, and read We Mean Business’s statement.

Learn more about how BSR can help your company set a science-based target and develop an emission-reduction roadmap here.