Can Global GoalsCast Save the Planet?

BSR is proud to have sponsored a special two-part episode of the Global GoalsCast, a podcast that “inspires and empowers listeners to make the world a better place by sharing the stories individuals, companies, and organizations that are advancing and achieving a more sustainable world.” 

The episode features Laura Gitman, Chief Operating Officer at BSR, discussing the new climate for business, the era of fundamental change facing companies today.  From questions about whether capitalism is fit for purpose, to new technologies that are raising profound questions about the nature of privacy, the health of democracy, and the future of work, to the increasing impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss, companies are exploring exciting new opportunities while also grappling with the growing awareness that the rules of the game have changed.  

Timed to coincide with the United Nations Climate Summit and Climate Week, Global GoalsCast co-host Edie Lush also sat down with John Sterman, professor of management at MIT, to discuss how to solve the climate crisis using his ClimateInteractive model of the world’s climate and economy. In addition, it included a “Facts and Actions” segment presented by Elizabeth Sawin, an expert in what she calls “multisolving,” which helps people find solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions while producing multiple benefits in health, justice, equity, resilience and well-being. Sawin is the co-director of ClimateInteractive.Org, a not-for-profit organization which makes climate simulations available worldwide.