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Tuesday January 19, 2021
11:00 am-12:00 pm ET



The webinar recording password is: j8+?ut*b

BSR is proud to welcome more than 250 corporate members from over 10 industry sectors worldwide.

Join us to hear examples of how our member companies take advantage of BSR’s membership benefits:

  • Insight to see a changing world more clearly
  • Advice to create long term value
  • Collaboration to scale impact

You will learn more about how BSR membership can help your company accelerate its journey towards a more resilient and sustainable business.

If you are already a BSR member, this webinar is a great opportunity for you to both ensure you are taking advantage of the full suite of member benefits and introduce BSR to additional colleagues inside or outside the sustainability function.


  • Elisa Niemtzow, Vice President, Consumer Sectors and Global Membership, BSR
  • Denielle Harrison, Manager, BSR
  • Aude Ucla, Manager, BSR

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