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Hear from Your Peers: Insights from Sustainability Practitioners in Asia



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Tuesday January 23, 2018
9:30 am-10:30 am CST (China Standard Time)



What does it mean to be a sustainability practitioner in Asia today? What are your colleagues’ biggest challenges and successes? What does the future hold for the sustainability field?

In our 25-year history, BSR is proud to have welcomed more than 600 companies from 45 countries and many industry sectors into our membership network.

Join this webinar to hear examples of how companies have reaped the rewards of our three pillars of membership value—expertise and insights, collaboration, and networking—and learn more about the impact that our relationship has enabled them to achieve. BSR Asia-Pacific Vice President Jeremy Prepscius will facilitate a candid and interactive discussion on the sustainability space in Asia and how it is likely to evolve.

If you are already a member, this webinar will provide a great opportunity to ensure you are taking advantage of the full suite of member benefits, as well as to introduce BSR to any new colleagues. 


  • Janice Lao, Director, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, The Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels Limited
  • Toshio Tamamuro, Head, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, Ltd.
  • Asako Nagai, Managing Director, BSR
  • Jeremy Prepscius, Vice President, Asia-Pacific, BSR

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