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Scenario Planning for the Future of Work

San Francisco


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Please register by December 6; space is limited. This event is by invitation only, and registration is non-transferable. To ensure balanced representation, we may limit registration to two participants from any one organization.

Date and Time

Friday December 15, 2017
8:30 am-12:00 pm PST


San Francisco

From automation and artificial intelligence to the rise of the gig economy, transformational forces are reshaping the nature of work. Yet great uncertainty exists about what the future may hold. How disruptive will new technologies be, and how quickly will they be deployed? What skills will be necessary, and can our educational system deliver them effectively? Can government safety nets be retooled to better protect displaced workers?

Scenario planning is a process designed to help organizations deal with conditions of uncertainty by considering a set of different possible futures. This three-hour futures workshop will introduce participants to the principles of scenario planning and then guide them through a hands-on experience of developing scenarios about the future of work. Participants will come away with a concrete understanding of scenario planning, as well as new insights into key trends and uncertainties shaping the future of work.  


  • Jacob Park, Director, Sustainable Futures Lab, BSR

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