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Be Bold: Dinner Dialogue with BSR

Washington, D.C.


Date and Time

Wednesday October 5, 2016
6:00 pm-8:00 pm EDT


Washington, D.C.

Throughout the year, BSR will host a candid dialogue for our member companies and select partners across the United States as part of a series of events around the BSR Conference 2016 theme.

This year’s Conference theme is “Be Bold.” The challenges of building a sustainable future are immense and will require collaborative, innovative thinking from all sectors of society. There are substantial opportunities to build inclusive, sustainable economies through business leadership and partnership, but we know that we won’t achieve these goals unless we think big—and think bold.

We want to hear how your company is approaching big, systemic sustainability issues and what challenges you’ve faced in driving bold change. Join participants in an open dialogue to discuss how we can achieve bold progress on corporate sustainability. Participants will represent a range of industry sectors, and the event will offer a unique opportunity for networking and inspiration with peers.

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