Impact Sourcing: Next Generation Supply Chain Impact

Date and Time

Wednesday November 21, 2018
11:00 am-12:00 am EST (Eastern Standard Time)




Supply Chain | Equity, Inclusion, and Justice

BSR invites you to join us for a webinar about the Global Impact Sourcing Coalition (GISC)—a business coalition of more than 50 leading companies and organizations that have come together to promote and advance wide-scale adoption of Impact Sourcing. Impact Sourcing is an innovative procurement practice that seeks to create economic inclusion and social impact through integrating poor and vulnerable populations into the workforce across global supply chains.

The webinar will provide an update on GISC’s progress and will offer you the opportunity to:

  • Learn how Impact Sourcing can benefit businesses, employees, and communities.
  • Learn how Impact Sourcing is helping companies to build more inclusive supply chains.
  • Hear from peers how GISC is supporting companies to establish and expand their impact sourcing practices.
  • See how companies are responding to the Impact Sourcing Challenge.
  • Learn about the Impact Sourcing Standard.
  • Find out how to join GISC as a member.