Where BSR Will Be at COP21

November 25, 2015
  • Stéphanie Leblanc

    Former Associate Director, Communications and Marketing, BSR

At COP21, November 30-December 11, BSR staff will be in Paris attending the climate negotiations, hosting events, and speaking and participating at conferences, side events, private dinners, and working lunches.

BSR will participate in the activities of We Mean Business, a coalition of organizations working with the world’s most influential businesses and investors, forming a common platform to amplify the business voice, catalyze bold climate action by all, and promote smart policy frameworks.

Most notably, BSR will actively contribute to the deployment of the Business Brief, a set of eight key proposals that the business community is calling for to be included in a new, ambitious global climate agreement.

To follow the latest developments, sign up for the BSR COP21 Daily Dispatch, as BSR will report back daily from Paris on the COP21 negotiations and their implications for business.

In the myriad of COP21-related events, the following is an overview of where BSR staff will be, what we will host, and when.

You can follow our staff members (see Twitter handles below) and @BSRnews for updates and use the hashtag #BSRclimate. You can also follow #WeMeanIt for updates from We Mean Business partners.

November 30-December 11

As an official “Observer Organization,” BSR will have a delegation onsite at Le Bourget negotiations center—the ”Blue Zone”— led by President and CEO Aron Cramer (@aroncramer) and including Partnership Development and Research Managing Director Edward Cameron (@EdwardJCameron); Associate Director, Climate Change David Wei (@CCDiplomat); Manager, Partnership Development and Research Emilie Prattico (@emilie_prattico); Associate, Climate Change, Samantha Harris (@Samantha_Lacey); and Advisor Remi Moncel (@RMoncel).

Some of our global BSR staff will also be present and active in Paris: Senior Vice President, Advisory Services Eric Olson (@gospodinolson); Vice President, Partnership Development and Research Peder Michael Pruzan-Jorgensen (@pedermichael); Managing Director, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa Farid Baddache; Director, Supply Chain Sustainability Tara Norton (@tnnw1); Director, Consumer Sectors, Elisa Niemtzow; Associate Director, Transport and Logistics Angie Farrag-Thibault; Associate Director of Communications Stéphanie Leblanc (@Leblanc_Steph); Manager, Advisory Services Charlotte Bancilhon (@Charlibancilhon); Manager, Advisory Services Cecile Oger (@CecileOger); and Associate, Communications Indiana Vieljeux.

November 30

Members of the BSR delegation will attend the Inauguration of the We Mean Business Open for Business Hub. (Blue Zone)

December 1

Cameron will speak at Built to Last: A Functional Agreement to Meet Global Needs, hosted by the World Resource Institute. (Generation Climate Area)

Farrag-Thibault will participate in the “Shipping as Part of the Climate Solution” side event, hosted by The International Chamber of Shipping, Armateurs de France, and the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association. (Centre Pompidou)

December 2

Members of the BSR delegation will attend the Focus Day on Resilience of the Lima-Paris Action Agenda, organized to highlight the contribution of non-state actors in advancing the agenda on climate resilience. (Blue Zone)

BSR and Field to Market will hold a side event, sponsored by PepsiCo, on Leadership & Collaboration in the U.S. and Global Agriculture to highlight current climate progress and future opportunities across many of the most important commodities in U.S. and global agriculture. Olson will moderate the discussions, and Leblanc, Norton, and Vieljeux will attend. (La Galerie des Solutions)

December 3

Cameron will speak at the side event led by the International Development Research Center (IDRC) on “Scaling-Up Private Sector Financing for Adaptation Projects.” (Blue Zone)

Prattico will attend the Focus Day on Transport of the Lima-Paris Action Agenda, organized to highlight the contribution of non-state actors in advancing the agenda on transport. BSR’s leading global carrier-shipper initiative Clean Cargo Working Group will be featured as a signatory of the letter for action. (Blue Zone)

Cameron will participate in a side event on “Private Finance Gap: Challenges and Opportunities for Funding Adaptation” (Blue Zone).

Farrag-Thibault will attend the Clean Mobility Reception, hosted by the Paris Process on Mobility and Climate. (Tour Eiffel)

December 4

Norton will attend the CDP supply-chain event with L'Oréal, which will showcase the related global benefits of meeting ambitious supply chain targets. (Le Grand Palais)

Cameron and Cramer will attend the side event on “Ambitious Climate Change Action: Local and Global Leadership” that will bring together U.S. private sector and government leaders. (Blue Zone)

Wei will attend the side event on Business Leadership on Climate Action, where American business will discuss both the opportunity in getting ahead of the climate curve as well as the considerable risk and cost of inaction. (Blue Zone)

Cramer will speak at the Focus Day on Short-Lived Climate Pollutants of the Lima-Paris Action Agenda, organized to highlight the contribution of non-state actors in advancing the agenda on short-lived climate pollutants. (Blue Zone)

Members of the BSR delegation will attend the side event on “Catalyzing Commitments Into Action: Innovation and Scalable Solutions in Cross-Sector Collaboration.” (Blue Zone)

Baddache, Leblanc, Oger, and Niemtzow will attend the Opening Night of Solutions COP21. (Grand Palais)

December 5

Members of the BSR delegation will attend the High-Level Day of the Lima-Paris Action Agenda, organized to highlight the contribution of non-state actors in advance the climate agenda. (Blue Zone)

Prattico will attend The Path for Low Carbon Shipping, organized by the European Climate Foundation (ECF), 'Transport & Environment', Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU), and the Danish Government. (Blue Zone)

December 6

Cameron will join the 13th Development & Climate Days, focused on the theme “Zero Poverty, Zero Emissions: Tough Talk on Poverty and Climate.” (L’Usine)

Farrag-Thibault will attend Transport Day 2015, organized by Paris Process on Mobility and Climate, which will showcase BSR’s Clean Cargo Working Group. (UIC Headquarters)

Cramer will be present at the IKEA pavilion setup on the Champs Elysées to join a discussion on “Going All In to Tackle Climate Change.” (Champs Elysées)

Cramer will attend the B Team Reception, held on the world’s largest solar vessel. (Quai Javel)

December 7

BSR, in partnership with the Government of Norway, the Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC) Oil & Gas Methane Partnership, the World Bank, and Centro de Estudios para el Desarrollo Sostenible (CEID-Colombia), will hold a side event on “Reducing Methane Emissions from Oil and Gas Operations.” Cramer will moderate the panel discussions, and Cameron and Prattico will attend. BSR will preview the launch of its collaborative reports, written with UNEP-Climate Clean Air Coalition (CCAC), on the topic, to be published early 2016. (Blue Zone)

Bancilhon will attend the event organized by Paris Europlace on “Solutions for Financing Low-Carbon Economy: the European Experience.” (Climate Generations Area)

December 8

Cramer will moderate the panel on “Innovation for Business Advantage” at the Sustainable Innovation Forum, of which BSR is an institutional partner. Baddache, Leblanc, and Pruzan-Jorgensen will attend. (Stade de France)

Cramer will speak at the 7th High Level Assembly of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC) on Short-Lived Climate Pollutants.

Cameron, Cramer, Olson, and Pruzan-Jorgensen will attend a dinner hosted by We Mean Business at the occasion of the International New York Times Conference “Energy for Tomorrow.” (Hotel Potoki CCI Paris)

December 9

Cramer will speak at the UNEP-Climate Clean Air Coalition’s official side event, “Short-Lived Climate Pollutants,” which will highlight the multiple benefits tied to reducing these emissions, including economic, development, and health improvements. (Blue Zone)

December 11

Baddache will attend the event co-hosted by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and Bloomberg Intelligence on “Oil and Climate Change in the Twenty-First Century.” (Climate Generations Area)

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