Getting Engagement Right in a Hyper-Transparent World

September 19, 2011
  • Naomi Mandelstein

    Former Digital Communications Manager, BSR

We live in a data-rich world. In today’s increasingly networked society, there is more information at our—and our stakeholders’—fingertips than ever before about environmental degradation, human rights impacts, and ethical business practices. And it is available instantly, to everyone and by everyone.

The proliferation of sites like Wikileaks, Oxfam’s GROW, Sourcemap, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Apps for the Environment, plus ad-hoc events like “eco-hacking,” suggest that companies no longer control transparency and disclosure. Consequently, governments, activists, companies, and engaged citizens are using this abundance of data, new technology tools, and the amplification effects of social media to make change happen—and fast!

Companies must now develop a deeper understanding of the implications of this new age of hyper-transparency on effective sustainability initiatives. We’ll be exploring this topic at the BSR Conference 2011 session “Sustainable Engagement in a Hyper-Transparent World.” Join journalist Aman Singh Das, Sourcemap CEO Leonardo Bonnani, and other corporate and NGO representatives to look at how companies are participating and influencing stakeholder understanding of their corporate, supply chain, and product sustainability efforts in this new era.

Leading up to this session, we want to know, how is your organization using new tools and data to create change? Or how is your company adapting to hyper-transparency?

Let’s talk about how BSR can help you to transform your business and achieve your sustainability goals.

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