Denielle Harrison


Denielle works with BSR member companies across various industries on materiality, strategy, and stakeholder engagement within BSR’s Sustainability Management practice. She also supports efforts on supply chain risk, greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets, and climate strategy. She leads Future of Fuels.

Prior to joining BSR, Denielle focused on greenhouse gas accounting, sustainability reporting, solid waste management, and sustainability strategy for Dartmouth College. She has experience researching the environmental, social, and economic impacts of the conflict minerals supply chain, and assessing the viability of mitigating climate change through climate finance projects such as REDD+.

Denielle holds an M.E.S.M. from the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and B.A. in Ecosystem Science and Policy, and Geography from the University of Miami.

Insights From Denielle Harrison