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Evénements | The State of the Art in Sustainable Fashion Consumption

The State of the Art in Sustainable Fashion Consumption

Date et heure

March 19, 2012
4-6 p.m. CET



Participation aux frais




The NICE CONSUMER, which is a collaborative project run by the Danish Fashion Institute and BSR, will put forward a vision and framework for sustainable consumption of fashion, based on research and dialogue among stakeholders of the fashion industry.


  • Discuss internal procedures and processes that are happening within companies in order to pave the way for consumer engagement on sustainable fashion consumption.


  1. Welcome and context setting (DAFI)
  2. Brief re-cap of the first webinar and where we are in the consultation process (BSR)
  3. Marketing considerations and strategy for conveying sustainability to consumers (Vivienne Westwood)
  4. Ramping up use of sustainable materials and responses from consumers (H&M)
  5. Design for sustainable consumption of fashion (CSM / TED)
  6. Recycling of second-hand textiles (Work on Progress)


  • Jonas Eder-Hansen, Development Director, Danish Fashion Institute
  • Cody Sisco, Manager of Advisory Services, BSR
  • Giordano Capuano, International Marketing & Communications Manager, Vivienne Westwood
  • Henrik Lampa, Product Sustainability Manager, H&M
  • Mo Tomaney, Senior Research Fellow, Central St. Martins
  • Ellen van den Adel, Founder, Work on Progress

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