Dr. Edward Cameron has served at the interface of climate, development, and human rights for more than 20 years. He has worked with government, business, civil society, academia, philanthropy, and the media to catalyze bold collective action by all in pursuit of a low-carbon, climate-resilient, and inclusive global economy.

As an advocate, he is a champion of climate justice: reducing greenhouse gas emissions consistent with holding global temperatures well below 2°C above pre‐industrial levels, enhancing the adaptive capacity of communities on the front line of climate risks, and improving access to information, decision-making, and justice for vulnerable and marginalized communities. As a researcher, he builds the case for climate leadership grounded in solid evidence and a forensic assessment of the drivers, challenges, barriers, and conditions that can incentivize or undermine public and private ambition on climate change. As a strategist, he works with diverse stakeholders to devise and implement effective plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; enhance resilience inside companies, across supply chains, and within vulnerable communities; and create policy-enabling environments conducive to climate-compatible development. 

Edward spent four-and-a-half years with BSR, first as Director of Partnership, Development, and Research and subsequently as Managing Director with responsibility for the organization’s climate practice. He has previously worked for the World Resources Institute, the World Bank, the Government of the Maldives, and the European Union. Today, Edward serves as an advisor to several international organizations, private-sector facing networks, and philanthropies. 

Edward holds a Ph.D. in Social Sciences, Economics, and Business from Åbo Akademi University; an M.A. in European Studies from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven; and a B.A. in Political Science and History from University College Dublin.

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