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Reports: The Benefit Multiplier of Investing in Nature

…purpose of this business brief is to show that leading companies—around the world and across sectors—are citing business reasons for investing in nature-based solutions and the restoration of natural systems. The illustrative case examples cited in the brief show that early corporate movers are now engaged with green infrastructure projects,…

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Reports: 3-D Printing: Sustainability Opportunities and Challenges

…impacts of this technology are not yet well-known. This brief defines the landscape of sustainability opportunities and challenges related to 3-D printing, and offers recommendations on how companies can enhance opportunities while minimizing risks.

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Reports: Women and Sustainability: Investing in Women’s Economic Empowerment

…and capacity-building to help women run small businesses. This brief provides background on women's economic empowerment issues and how they relate to business, and aims to provide companies information, process, and tools to identify and implement strategic investments in women's economic empowerment.

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Reports: Good Jobs in the Age of Automation: Challenges and Opportunities for the Private Sector

…society, and business. This issue brief shares emerging analysis and perspectives on the challenges and opportunities for business to create and preserve quality employment in an era of rapid technological change. It is focused on the impact of automation and major technology trends on low-skilled workers and vulnerable groups, particularly…

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Reports: Good Jobs and the Changing Nature of Work

…increase their focus on issues such as living wages, trade policies, factory closures, outsourcing, and offshoring activities. At the same time, the business case for creating higher-quality jobs is also growing. Over the last few years, several major companies have shown that by making strategic investments in their workforce to…

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