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Reports: Good Jobs and the Changing Nature of Work

…increase their focus on issues such as living wages, trade policies, factory closures, outsourcing, and offshoring activities. At the same time, the business case for creating higher-quality jobs is also growing. Over the last few years, several major companies have shown that by making strategic investments in their workforce to…

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Reports: Women and Sustainability: Investing in Women’s Health

…participation and contribute to healthier, more stable communities. This brief provides background on women's health issues and how they relate to business, and aims to provide companies information, process, and tools to identify and implement strategic investments in women's health.

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Reports: Taking a People-Centered Approach to a Circular Fashion Economy

…BSR has developed a brief on the potential social impacts of a shift to circular fashion based on BSR’s research and stakeholder engagement. We introduce issues that may arise during the shift to a circular fashion for consumers and workers as well as wider societal concerns. In the brief, we…

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Reports: Child Labor in Myanmar’s Garment Sector

…report is an informational brief for business stakeholders interested in how best to understand and engage with child labor issues in Myanmar’s garment manufacturing sector. Due to widespread poverty and weak labor law enforcement, underage workers are common in many industries. Investors and buyers need to not only manage legal…

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Blog: The Case for Sustainable Supply Chains in the Financial Sector

A new issue brief underlines the importance of responsible supply chain practices for the financial services sector.

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