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Climate-Related Impacts Push Large Companies to Align Business with Climate Science

Newsweek | September 2019

To prevent catastrophic global warming, the world needs to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 or before. Now a new study from Newsweek’s Vantage division, based on a survey of over 300 multinational companies, finds that a majority are experiencing disruptions in their operations, and are raising their ambitions in line with climate science–with wide-ranging consequences for global supply chains.

This study, entitled “Towards Net Zero: How Business is Rising to the Challenge,” is based on an anonymous survey of 307 senior executives undertaken during July and August 2019, from companies with earnings over US$500 million, across six major sectors: food and agriculture, industrials, consumer goods, transport, technology, and healthcare. Respondents hailed evenly from the Americas, Europe, and Asia. The researchers also interviewed 20 corporate leaders and experts to find out how companies are preparing for the transition—the actions being taken, the key elements of strategy—and what else needs to happen to enable business and society at large to move towards net zero. The report was researched and written by Newsweek Vantage with sponsorship from Engie, Ingersoll Rand and its strategic climate brands Thermo King and Trane, and Kaiser Permanente. BSR, a non-profit, was knowledge partner.

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