Julia Robinson, Communications Associate, BSR

With the traditionally “sleepy” month of August behind us (though it didn’t feel so sleepy to us!), BSR is gearing up for a number of appearances and events in September, as we approach our own Conference in New York from October 23-26.

Where We'll Be

  • CEO Aron Cramer will be at the World Economic Forum Civil Society Consultation in Geneva on September 4.
  • Cody Sisco, Advisory Services Manager, and Susanne LeBlanc, Analyst, will attend the Ethical Fashion Show in Paris from September 6-9.
  • Advisory Services Associates Lindsey Lim and Yating Shen will go to the Green Finance Promotes Green Economy Forum in Tianjin, China, on September 10.
  • Aron Cramer will attend the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting of the New Champions, also known as the “Summer Davos,” in Tianjin, China, from September 11-13. He will chair a session on food security.
  • Advisory Services Director Michael Oxman and Manager Chris Nolan will be at the Society of Petroleum Engineers Conference, from September 11-13 in Perth, Australia. Chris will speak on a panel, “Frameworks on Business & Human Rights: Recent Developments and Implementation Challenges.”
  • Angie Farrag, BSR Manager, will speak at the OECD Port-Cities Workshop in Paris on September 14.
  • Guy Morgan, BSR Director, will moderate the seminar “Reducing Food Waste, from Farm to Fork,” at the Sustainability in the Food Supply Chain Conference in London on September 18.
  • Sasha Radovich, BSR Manager, will be at the RILA Retail Sustainability Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, which is taking place from September 19-21. Sasha will speak on the panel “Trend Towards Transparency in Sourcing: Lacey Act, Conflict Minerals, CA Supply Chain Transparency Act” on September 20.
  • BSR Partnership Development Manager Tue David Bak will be a panelist at the Convergences 2015 Conference on September 20 in Paris for “Local Governance in Developing Countries: What are the Challenges for the Territories?”
  • Faris Natour, Human Rights Director, will teach a class at Continuing Legal Education-British Columbia on human rights and the mining industry on September 20 in Vancouver.
  • Europe Director Farid Baddache and Stéphanie Leblanc, Communications Manager, will attend the Planet Workshops Global Conference in Evian, France, from September 24-26.
  • Eric Olson, BSR Senior Vice President, will speak on a panel at the Crossroads Forum 2012 in Jakarta, Indonesia, on sustainability, corporate reputation, and brand management. The forum will be held from September 25-26.
  • Angie Farrag will also attend the COFRET Advisory Board and Stakeholders Workshop in Brussels on September 27, discussing carbon emissions methodology in freight transport.


What We’re Hosting

  • BSR Health Care Director Mark Little, Manager Cody Sisco, and Associate Jennifer Schappert will attend a forum on health partnerships for the developing world co-organized by BSR and the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations (IFPMA). Mark will speak at the event, which will be held on September 11 in Geneva.
  • We’ll hold a “Petit-Déjeuner” (Breakfast) event in our Paris office, CSR in Brazil Post-Rio+20, on September 12 with Cyrille Bellier of REVER Consulting and BSR’s Guy Morgan.
  • Managing Director Dunstan Allison Hope and Patricia Byington of our Brazilian BSR-REVER team will run a workshop in our São Paulo office on ICT and Sustainability on September 13.
  • On September 13, BSR’s CiYuan Initiative and Capacity Building and Assessment Centre (Pact-China) will co-host a roundtable on learnings from the China Foundation Development Handbook, released by BSR last November. Brooke Avory, CiYuan Manager, will speak.
  • BSR will co-host an event in Beijing with the UN PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) and the Beijing Private Equity Association on sustainable investment in China. Attendees will include the China Banking Regulatory Commission, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the IFC, Tsing Capital, Lunar Capital, and others.
  • Mark Little and Chloë Poynton, BSR Associate, will facilitate an engagement for BSR’s Health Care Working Group in London on September 17. Stakeholders will include UBS, PGGM, and Oxfam. The engagement is part of a larger workshop focused on the development of industry-led voluntary standards for access to health.
  • Paris will also host a “Grand Débat” (Great Debate) with BSR Europe Director Farid Baddache and the managing director of French apparel company Etam, Laurent Milchior, on September 20.
  • For BSR’s 20th anniversary, we’ll host a seminar, “The Future of Supply Chain Initiatives: Collaboration, Ownership, and Beyond Rights” in Shenzhen, China, on September 21. BSR Manager Jason Ho will speak.
  • Dunstan Allison Hope will head to Paris for another workshop, “Implementing the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in the ICT Industry,” on September 27, with Farid Baddache and Susana Gallego Lobato of Telefónica.