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Melanie Janin

Melanie Janin, Managing Director, Communications

Publication Date

March 2, 2012


Where BSR Will Be in March

March is always a busy month, and our calendar of events and conferences is an active one. Here’s a roundup of where BSR staff will be participating and the events we are hosting this month:

Where we’ll be:

Vice President Kara Hurst will attend the fourth annual Equality Means Business event, "Gender Equality for Sustainable Business," on March 6 in New York.

Advisory Services Manager Celine Suarez and Senior Vice President Eric Olson will speak at the AIAG auto industry forum March 6 and 7 in Michigan. Olson also will speak at Globe on March 15 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Information and Communications Technology Practice Director Vijay Kanal will attend the Stanford Global Supply Chain Management Forum on March 8 in Palo Alto, California.

Advisory Services Manager Marshall Chase will attend a roundtable at the North American Marine Environmental Protection Association seminar on “Greening the Ocean Transportation System” on March 8 in San Francisco.

Advisory Services Associate Amaya Gorostiaga will attend UNICEF’s Child Rights and Business Principles event on March 12 in London.

President and CEO Aron Cramer will attend and host a lunch table discussion at the Wall Street Journal’s ECO:nomics conference March 21 and 23 in Santa Barbara, California.

HERproject Manager Racheal Yeager and Advisory Services Associate Jennifer Schappert will host an expert roundtable to review our forthcoming HERproject curriculum with multiple partners and groups on March 23 at John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. Yeager will also speak on a panel with Talbots at the Ethical Sourcing Forum on March 29 in New York.

Asia Managing Director Jeremy Prepscius will speak at the ESG Asia 2012 Conference on March 27 in Singapore.

Europe Director Farid Baddache will be facilitating a roundtable discussion at Produrable on Business and Human Rights on March 28 in Paris.

Advisory Services Manager Chhavi Ghuliani will attend the Financial TimesInvesting in a Sustainable Future event on March 29 in New York.

What BSR is hosting:

The Danish Fashion Institute and BSR are proud to introduce The NICE Consumer, a vision and framework for the sustainable consumption of fashion.

Join us for a series of interactive discussions via webinar that will introduce the project and track its progress over the course of the next few months. This series is conducted in English.




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Melanie Janin

Melanie Janin , Managing Director, Communications

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