Julia Robinson, Associate, Communications, BSR

BSR is a week away from kicking off our Spring Forum on climate change in Paris. There’s still time left to register and join peers from business, government, and civil society to collaborate on climate. Several BSR staff members will be in Paris June 11-12 for the Forum, and we’ll also travel around the world for other sustainable business events this month.

Where We’ll Be

  • June 2: Consumer Products Associate Director Elisa Niemtzow will appear on the panel “Market Insights from Top Researchers, Part 2: Market Conditions, Incentives, ROI, and Risk Management” at Sustainable Brands in San Diego, California.
  • June 2: Advisory Services Director Tara Norton will discuss labor rights and sustainable supply chains at INSEAD Business School in Fontainebleau, France.
  • June 3: Norton and Bettercoal Director Martin Christie will present on supply chain sustainability at a Cement Sustainability Initiative workshop in Paris.
  • June 3-6: Advisory Services Manager Jean-Baptiste Andrieu and HERproject Associate Lauren Shields will promote the expansion of HERhealth in Kenya International Floriculture Trade Expo in Nairobi.
  • June 4: Partnership Development and Research Director Edward Cameron will speak at the BBB Forum on Corporate Responsibility: Material World, Managing Risk and Value in New York. Advisory Services Manager Andrew Matthews will also attend.
  • June 4-5: BSR is pleased to partner with Responsible Investor (RI) for the RI Europe 2014 Summit, taking place in London. BSR Financial Services Director John Hodges will moderate a panel about ESG integration in private equity on June 5, and Advisory Services Manager Charlotte Bancilhon will also attend.
  • June 10-11: Advisory Services Managing Director Dunstan-Allison Hope will speak about materiality and human rights for the information and communications technology industry at the GeSI General Assembly meeting in Helsinki. 
  • June 16-17: Advisory Services Director Guy Morgan will represent BSR at an experts’ meeting on ethical recruitment of migrant workers in global supply chains, organized by International Organization for Migration in Geneva.
  • June 20: Shields will speak on the plenary session “Promoting Health through Workplace Programs and Cross-Sector Collaboration” at the National Organization of Peer Educators’ Conference on Peer Education, Sexuality, HIV & AIDS in Nairobi.
  • June 24: Advisory Services Associate Julia Beier will facilitate a roundtable on how to make container supply chains more sustainable at the TOC Europe Conference in London.
  • June 26: Advisory Services Manager France Bourgouin will participate in the launch workshop of the World Economic Forum's Mining and Metals in a Sustainable World 2050 initiative in London.
  • June 26-27: Farrag-Thibault will also speak at the conference "Collective Action: Going Further Together to Counter Corruption," which is organized by the International Centre for Collective Action of the Basel Institute on Governance, in Basel, Switzerland.
  • June 26-27: BSR is pleased to partner with the Second Global Forum on Responsible Business Conduct, taking place at the OECD Conference Center in Paris.

What We’re Hosting