While we’ll be busy with various activities at the COP21 climate talks, BSR staff will also host and speak at a number of sustainability events on topics ranging from the Sustainable Development Goals to supply chains to human rights and data collection.

What We’re Hosting

Where We’ll Be

  • November 30 to December 2: Advisory Services Manager Maurice Meehan and Partnership Development and Research Associate Martin Benderson will run Maritime Anti-Corruption Network multistakeholder workshops to support the United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office program on transparency and integrity in customs in Jakarta, Indonesia. 
  • December 2: Advisory Services Managing Director Dunstan Allison-Hope will speak on a panel on challenges for human rights and data collection at Privacy, Security, and Freedom of Expression Learning Day, hosted by the Stanford Center for Internet and Society and the Global Network Initiative in Palo Alto, California. 
  • December 2: Advisory Services Associate Meghan Ryan will speak on the panel “Rethinking the Global Supply Chain” at Manufacture New York’s event Resourcing: The Material Supply Chain in New York.
  • ​December 3: Managing Director John Hodges will be the keynote speaker at the fifth annual Ohio Sustainability Symposium in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • December 3-4: Partnership Development and Research Associate Marat Yu will speak on the panel “How to Engage Business in SUN Country National Nutrition Strategies” at the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Business Network Asia Regional Workshop in Jakarta, Indonesia.
  • December 16: President and CEO Aron Cramer will deliver a speech on “Digital Transformation of Society, Companies, and Consumers," at the Carlsberg Forum in Copenhagen.