It’s impossible to read the news these days without coming across an article about water scarcity:

"Texas Drought Will Harm Wildlife Habitat for Years," "Somalia Drought 'One of the Largest Humanitarian Crises in Decades,'" "China Drought Ignites Global Grain Supply Concerns."

Fortunately, the private sector has come a long way in the last few years in understanding water-related risks and developing a set of strategic responses to manage those risks. Every day, more companies are tracking their water use, recycling water, and managing wastewater discharge. Two companies that do this well are Intel Corporation and SAB Miller—after reading their reports you understand very clearly what their water-related risks are and what they are doing to respond to those risks.

In many ways, we are starting to see a shift take place in terms of corporate understanding of water stewardship. Specifically, companies are starting to recognize that they can play a vital role in helping to manage water resources in the face of challenges like climate change and regional growth patterns. At an upcoming session during the BSR Conference 2011, we’ll explore how companies are investing in watersheds to protect, restore, and mimic the natural water cycle, thereby ensuring consistent supply for multiple users and uses within a watershed.

Is your company investing in water? How so?