Melanie Janin, Managing Director, Communications, BSR

At BSR, we talk a lot about networks. With more than 250 member companies and organizations in our own global network, we know that positive change happens when we collaborate to build a sustainable future—within our companies, within and across industries, with multiple stakeholders, through social networks, and more.

By now, we’re all familiar with the “network effect” and how a product or service becomes more valuable and useful as more people engage.  And in this era of information overload, networks provide valuable contacts and context to help us quickly and effectively navigate the maze of data.  Of course, there is also a side to networks that presents challenges: Navigating complex networks can be time-consuming or confusing, leaving some to wonder if it’s easier to “go it alone.” 

At this year’s BSR Conference, November 5-8 in San Francisco, we’ll explore the “Power of Networks”—our Conference theme—to examine the opportunities, tensions, and trade-offs associated with networks, and we’ll share examples and ideas about how to harness the power of networks for progress.

With provocative speakers and a mix of workshops and breakout sessions, we’ll provide time for attendees to reflect on the networks they belong to and identify new networks for change. Every participant and speaker will come away from the event with a better understanding of how to maximize his or her networks to create a sustainable future.

Earlier this month, the journal Nature reported that Stanford University scientists have created the first visual map of the brain—perhaps the most complex and powerful network of all. With this map, we stand to make huge strides in science.

The same is true with other kinds of networks. When we map, visualize, and connect the dots within and among networks, we will maximize their power.  We hope you join us at the BSR Conference this fall to do just that. What are your most powerful networks for change?

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