When it comes to climate, the spotlights are not waiting for the December COP21 talks to turn toward Paris. Last week, European mayors gathered in Paris to pledge joint action on climate, in May a coalition of international business networks will lead the Business and Climate Summit at UNESCO, and countless activities on climate are popping up every day in the City of Light.

At BSR, we’re rolling up our sleeves to address climate solutions, and we’re looking beyond the “arrondissements” to expand and amplify the momentum toward Paris: We’re excited to announce the launch of the Spring Forum Series 2015, featuring events throughout Europe through which we aim to drive business leadership on climate leading up to, and beyond, COP21.

Planned from late May to early June, these events will translate climate science into practical solutions and help participants understand how global business can tackle the urgent challenge of climate change. We’ll share BSR’s vision and strategy, “Business in a Climate-Constrained World,” which defines a framework in which climate resilience “wedges” can be applied to different industries and sectors and how—when combined—they can contribute to slowing global warming.

The Spring Forum Series 2015 will gather the business community in four major European cities and will focus on four different climate wedges:

  1. Fast Mitigation for High-Emitting Sectors, May 22 in Paris, France: Organized during Climate Week Paris, this event will focus on opportunities related to reducing the emissions of short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs). We will explore how high-emitting sectors such as transport, which is responsible for approximately one-fifth of black carbon emissions, and oil and gas, which is the second-largest emitter of methane after agriculture, can develop fast-mitigation strategies.
  2. Smart Freight Leadership, May 26 in Leipzig, Germany: Preceding the International Transport Forum Annual Summit 2015, and in partnership with the Smart Freight Centre, we will explore solutions to curb the environmental footprint of the transport and logistics sector, which is responsible for 6 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions annually.
  3. Climate-Resilient Supply Chains, May 28 in London, UK: As supply chains account for more than 50 percent of an average corporation’s carbon emissions, building climate-compatible and resilient supply chains is a critical opportunity for business. This event will look at sectors with complex global supply chains such as consumer products, information and communications technology, retail, and food, beverage, and agriculture.
  4. Renewable Energy Procurement, June 9 in Stockholm, Sweden: Organized in a world center of renewable energy innovation, and in alliance with our Swedish partner CSR i Praktiken, this event will explore the role of renewables in stabilizing climate change and the emerging role of corporate buyers of energy in accelerating a successful transition to a low-carbon economy.

At these events, we will welcome speakers from pioneering companies such as BT, Kering, UPS, and many others who will share innovative climate solutions and strategies, and we hope to connect with you at one or more of these events.

The BSR Spring Forum Series 2015 features events throughout Europe dedicated to business action on climate. Attendance is free and by invitation only. BSR will manage the registration process to ensure balanced representation. Please request an invitation by emailing EventRSVP@bsr.org.