Dues Level

Dues Level

Expertise and Insights

Access to BSR expertise to improve company performance.


Unlimited subscriptions to BSR Insight newsletter and participation in members-only Sustainability Matters webinars held year-round


Discount of 33 percent on standard consulting rates


Dedicated account representative, plus access to global staff expertise


Customized support (see our menu of engagement options)


Annual meeting with BSR account team to discuss strategy and emerging trends


Collaborative Solutions

Collaborative groups to generate sustainability solutions.


Access to suite of BSR Collaborative Initiatives to learn, work, and drive change across topics, regions, and functional areas


Opportunities to participate in global grant-funded sustainability initiatives and research


Participation in a designated BSR Collaborative Initiative at no extra cost, or credit to participate in any other BSR initiative



Networking opportunities with peers and stakeholders.


Discount on BSR Conference and select events


Participation in annual spring events in regions and series of smaller industry- and issue-based events year-round