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Your Company’s Hourly Workers Deserve Continued Access to Sick Leave Too



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Wednesday August 18, 2021
10:00 am-11:00 am PST



During the COVID-19 crisis, many low-wage and non-traditional workers—including part-time, on-demand, and contract workers—gained access for the first time to unemployment assistance, paid sick leave, family leave, hazard pay, and other critical workforce benefits due to extraordinary measures taken by national and state governments in the face of the pandemic. Today, many of these emergency programs are expiring, putting the country’s low-wage, non-traditional, and often essential, workers back into a state of physical and fiscal vulnerability.

To study this issue and identify tangible solutions that companies can pursue, BSR’s Healthy Business Coalition is excited to announce a new partnership with Benefits21, an initiative of the Aspen Institute. Together, we will engage and activate leaders across sectors on the topic of modernized benefits that ensure the financial security and economic dignity of all workers.

This discussion will raise awareness and understanding of the gaps of current benefits systems and their impacts on workers and families, especially the most vulnerable low-wage and front-line workers, and begin the dialogue around creating innovative, evidence-based opportunities to improve economic security and mobility for all. This discussion will focus on U.S. workforces, and BSR members with U.S. based operations and employees are encouraged to join.


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