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The Road to Resilience: Sustainability in the Age of the Coronavirus (Asia-Pacific)



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Date and Time

Wednesday May 13, 2020
9:00 am-10:00 am HKT



The webinar recording password is: 7N%4M+^A.

BSR is working closely with member companies across a wide range of sectors and geographies – each impacted in different ways by the COVID-19 pandemic. While much remains unknown, two things are already crystal clear: 1) the sustainability agenda is more important than ever to ensuring the continued viability and health of the global economy, our businesses and communities and 2) our ability to build for the future after the crisis is behind us depends on our ability meet the moment while building longer-term resilience.

We invite you to join a conversation with BSR leaders and your fellow members to share perspectives and early lessons learned on critical questions, including:

  • How are we managing and maintaining our sustainability efforts in the face of significant near-term disruption? How do we remain focused on the long term? Should our priorities be changing, and if so, how?
  • What are the opportunities to maintain momentum? What opportunities exist for increased collaboration and best practice sharing?
  • How can we best protect and support our workforce as we move beyond the immediate needs?
  • How can we create more resilient supply chains, while easing the impact on our supply chain partners and their workers?


  • Asako Nagai, Managing Director, BSR
  • Jeremy Prepscius, Vice President, Asia-Pacific, BSR
  • Eric Olson, Senior Vice President, BSR

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