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Wednesday September 8, 2021
11:00 am-12:00 pm EDT



As a BSR member, you have access to exclusive insights that will help you see a changing world more clearly. In this global webinar series, we explore the quarter’s emerging developments and opportunities in sustainable business, new cross-industry trends, recent BSR thought leadership, and other tools and resources.

Hear from our special guest Barbara Maigret, Global Head of Sustainability and CSR at BSR member Fortinet, as we discuss how to build a sustainability strategy aligned with your business. She will also share advice for companies creating a more active role for the board of directors in promoting ESG integration.

This webinar will also hone in on the changing landscape related to business and human rights and reporting and disclosure with BSR leads Christine Diamente and Jenny Vaughan. Please feel free to invite additional colleagues inside or outside of your team and take full advantage of BSR’s member benefits.


  • Elisa Niemtzow, Vice President, Consumer Sectors and Global Membership, BSR
  • Christine Diamente, Managing Director, Transformation, BSR
  • Jenny Vaughan, Managing Director, BSR
  • Barbara Maigret, Global Head of Sustainability and CSR, Fortinet

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