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Quarterly Member Insights: See Our Changing World More Clearly (Asia-Pacific)



Date and Time

Tuesday May 11, 2021
4:00 pm-5:00 pm Hong Kong Standard Time



As a BSR member, you have access to exclusive insights that help you see a changing world more clearly. In this global webinar series, we’ll take a look ahead at the next quarter and explore:

  • Emerging developments and opportunities in sustainable business
  • Cross-industry trends to keep an eye on
  • Recent BSR thought leadership and other resources

We’ll follow with a Q&A session to discuss how these recent activities may impact your company and what they mean for sustainability strategies. This webinar is a great opportunity to ensure you are taking advantage of the full suite of member benefits and to introduce BSR to additional colleagues inside or outside your team.


  • Jeremy Prepscius, Vice President, Asia-Pacific, BSR
  • Lin Wang, Director, BSR
  • Eileen Gallagher, Associate Director, BSR
  • Rosa Kusbiantoro, Associate Director, BSR

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