Building on the convergence of efforts in 2015 for a new international climate agreement at the COP21 talks in Paris and the adoption of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, BSR is launching a series of spring events throughout Europe dedicated to business action on climate.

These events will gather the business community ahead of COP21 to drive leadership on climate.

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Learn About the Climate “Wedges”

During this event series, BSR will share its business and climate strategy, Business in a Climate-Constrained World, which is based on a practical, multilayered, and system-wide approach to curb greenhouse gas emissions and build climate resilience.

Participants will learn how climate “wedges” can be applied to different industries and sectors and—when combined—how they can contribute to a 2°C pathway, which is generally considered the upper limit of global temperature rise to avoid catastrophic climate impacts.

We’ll also hear from pioneering companies and organizations that have initiated ambitious and sustained action on climate change.

Attendance is free and by invitation only. BSR will manage the registration process to ensure balanced representation. Please request an invitation by emailing EventRSVP@bsr.org.