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Supply Chain Event Archive

Apr ’15


April 16, 2015

London | BSR Connect

Training: Using Sustainability to Enhance Procurement

BSR's Center for Sustainable Procurement will hold a half-day training on how to integrate sustainability into procurement.

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Apr ’15


April 9, 2015

New York | BSR Connect

New Directions in Apparel Supplier Engagement in China

BSR will bring together apparel-sector member companies for a breakfast event on supply chain sustainability in China.

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March 10, 2015

Hong Kong | BSR Connect

Global HERfinance Convening: Building Financial Inclusion in the Supply Chain

We are pleased to announce a special, two-day event on financial education and access for low-income women and men working in global supply chains, hosted by BSR’s HERproject team.

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Jun ’14


June 4, 2014

Webinar | Sustainability Matters Webinar

Every Buyer Can Be a Sustainable Buyer: The Center for Sustainable Procurement

This members-only webinar will explore BSR's Center for Sustainable Procurement and share insights from experts on how sustainability can be incorporated into the procurement process.

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Jan ’14


January 22, 2014

Webinar | Sustainability Matters Webinar

Health and Fire Safety in Bangladesh: Foundations for Solutions

This members-only webinar will focus on the importance of investments in people, behavior change and incentives-based interventions, and community engagement to make supply chains safer for workers.

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Oct ’13


October 17, 2013

Webinar | Sustainability Matters Webinar

The Changing Face of Manufacturing in China

Join BSR, IKEA, and Jabil for a BSR members-only Sustainability Matters webinar—held at two times to accommodate our global audience—for a discussion on future trends in manufacturing in China and the opportunities and challenges for companies as they navigate this shifting landscape.

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Jun ’13


June 19, 2013

Webinar | Sustainability Matters Webinar

Responsible Sourcing in Bangladesh: Lessons from Rana Plaza

In the weeks since the building collapse that killed more than 1,000 apparel workers in Bangladesh, BSR has expressed our view that this tragedy arose from a systemic failure. Lasting solutions to prevent further calamities—and ensure fair treatment of workers—require that business, government, civil society, and consumers take action on many different fronts.

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