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Supply Chain Event Archive

May ’17


May 19, 2017

New York | BSR Connect

Trends in Supply Chain Leadership and Worker Engagement

Join BSR in New York for a supply chain management event that will feature experts sharing direct experiences in worker engagement in key sourcing countries.

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May 8, 2017

Denver, Colorado | Partner Event

2017 Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council Summit

The Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council’s annual Summit brings together leading sustainable purchasing experts and practitioners from a wide variety of sectors and regions to share best practices, build valuable relationships, and co-develop programs for guiding and benchmarking institutional leadership in sustainable purchasing. Use code BSR2017 for a 10 percent discount.

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Apr ’17


April 20, 2017

Paris | BSR Connect

Supply Chain Leadership and Trends in Worker Engagement

Join BSR for a supply chain management event that will feature experts sharing direct experiences in worker engagement in key sourcing countries.

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Dec ’16


December 13, 2016

Paris | BSR Event

Global Impact Sourcing Coalition Outreach Event

This outreach event, held by BSR and the Rockefeller Foundation, will give companies the opportunity to learn more about the Global Impact Sourcing Coalition, which aims to promote more inclusive and sustainable global supply chains.

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September 7, 2016

Singapore | Partner Event

Green Freight Asia Annual Forum

The Green Freight Asia (GFA) Annual Forum will highlight new training sessions, developed by GFA and BSR, on green optimization strategies for carriers, shippers, and buyers, as well as the first overarching "Framework for Logistics Emissions Methodologies," developed by the Global Logistics Emissions Council.

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May 24, 2016

Washington, D.C. | Partner Event

SPLC Summit 2016

The Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council's annual Summit brings together more than 300 visionary purchasing and sustainability professionals, suppliers, and NGO experts from diverse sectors and regions to share, simplify, and spread the best sustainable purchasing practices across the whole economy.

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May ’16


May 16, 2016

Copenhagen | BSR Event

Opportunities for Business in Accelerating Women’s Empowerment in Global Value Chains

BSR, Women Deliver, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Novo Nordisk will hold a private sector pre-conference before Women Deliver 2016 in Copenhagen.

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April 27, 2016

London | BSR Event

MACN Biannual Members Meeting

The Maritime Anti-Corruption Network will host the biannual members meeting in London to give our membership the opportunity to check in on work program progress and discuss current challenges.

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April 19, 2016

Paris | Partner Event

OECD Integrity Forum

BSR is a knowledge partner of the fourth OECD Integrity Forum, which will focus on integrity and trade, with the objective of developing a long-term vision for clean trade and advancing the policy dialogue around corruption.

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Apr ’16


April 8, 2016

New York | BSR Connect

Improving Supply Chain Climate Performance: Using Data to Design Effective Management Approaches

BSR is hosting a breakfast to discuss the largest-ever study of climate data from suppliers and corporate customers, and how the findings can help companies improve climate performance in supply chains.

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