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Our powerful global network of member companies, cross-sector collaborative initiatives, and grant-funded partnerships ensures that no company is alone in addressing sustainability challenges.


Creating Shared Solutions to Global Challenges

BSR works with business and stakeholders to design, implement, and scale collaborative initiatives that create shared solutions to global challenges.

Our collaborations bring together more than 400 companies, spanning multiple sectors and geographies, to strengthen company performance, improve markets and industries, and contribute to systemic change for a more just and sustainable world.

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Our Value Proposition

Experience and Expertise

Our collaborative initiatives build on and continuously develop our deep subject-matter and industry expertise, while benefiting from our 25 years of experience.

Global Networks

Our global presence and mindset, as well as our business networks and stakeholder partnerships, enable us to identify and engage the right partners for a collaborative initiative.

Business-Driven Solutions

Our ongoing work from farm to factory to boardroom ensures that we translate ideas into practical and actionable solutions that deliver value for business and society.

Our Collaboration Service Offering

Our collaboration service offering consists of six services that are adjustable to the size and unique needs of individual initiatives.

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Our Report: Private-Sector Collaboration for Sustainable Development

When we think of leadership, we often think of a single, iconic leader. We celebrate leading companies for their bold action on sustainability risks and opportunities. Yet one of the most important ways business leads is through collaboration. We underappreciate the value of leadership when leading is the job of many.

We will only succeed if we really work together, combining our capabilities, resources, and assets. We invite you to join us to create shared solutions to global challenges—to lead through collaboration.

Special thanks to The Rockefeller Foundation for their support of our collaboration work.

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Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are 17 goals to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all. Goal 17—Partnerships for the Goals—calls out the necessity for inclusive partnerships amongst multiple sectors of society, including the private sector, to reach the goals. BSR's collaborative initiatives mobilize, leverage, and direct the transformative power of business's collective resources and capabilities for sustainable impact by aligning objectives for business returns and societal value.

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Meet the Team for Collaboration

Angie Farrag-Thibault

Angie Farrag-Thibault

Director, Collaborative Initiatives and Transport and Logistics


Dominic Kotas

Dominic Kotas

Communications Associate, Collaborative Initiatives


Sara Enright

Sara Enright

Associate Director

New York

Anna de Vries

Anna de Vries

Coordinator, Collaborative Initiatives


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