Restaurant Roundtable for Sustainability Overview


Today’s consumers expect high-quality food and service from companies that also make a positive impact on society and the environment.

Companies that demonstrate sustainability leadership can increase the resiliency of their brands and benefit from cost-savings associated with risk mitigation and operational efficiencies. The complexity of food supply chains makes it difficult for individual companies to understand and address the evolving nature of their supply chains and consumer sentiment.   

The Restaurant Roundtable for Sustainability (RRS/Restaurant Roundtable) provides a collaborative, pre-competitive platform for restaurant and foodservice industry players to address shared challenges and to develop commercially viable solutions and strategies that enhance the sustainability of their operations and supply chains.

Our Mission

The Restaurant Roundtable for Sustainability will enable restaurant and foodservice companies to identify, understand, and prioritize shared solutions for emerging sustainability issues through a discussion-based, shared learning forum for companies.

How We Work

As a mission-driven organization, BSR aspires for this collaborative work to drive broad-reaching outcomes and impacts that create social and commercial value. These include:

  • Create a network of restaurant and foodservice companies that shapes and advances the sustainability agenda, with a focus on sourcing, in a pre-competitive manner
  • Streamline and increase effectiveness of engagement with stakeholders interested in sustainability issues
  • Provide insights and information to restaurant and foodservice companies to enable informed decision-making about sustainability opportunities in their respective businesses

Collaboration Outcomes

  • Demonstration of restaurant and foodservice industry commitment to working on sustainability challenges and opportunities in a collaborative environment
  • Creation of a community of practitioners who regularly meet, share learnings, and discuss implementation challenges and solutions
  • Improved dialogue and engagement with key external stakeholders
  • Improved traction and engagement with key internal stakeholders, including senior leadership
  • Research, guidance, resources, and tools to improve participating companies’ performance
  • Alignment on applicable shared principles and practices, for driving impact and managing sustainability challenges
  • Opportunities for member companies to strengthen sustainability understanding, ambition, strategies, policies, practices, metrics and outcomes