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Women’s empowerment is widely recognized as a critical pillar of sustainable global development. The Sustainable Development Goals have placed women’s empowerment at the top of the global development agenda, both through Goal 5 and as a catalyst to achieving each of the other 16 goals. In particular, women’s economic inclusion is seen as a pathway to large-scale poverty alleviation and wide-ranging improvements in health and social development for individuals, families, communities, and countries.

Evidence is also mounting that investing in women can improve business performance. Many studies have demonstrated the market opportunity women represent as suppliers, consumers, and workers in the global economy, as well as the benefits of increasing gender diversity among employees, management, and leadership.

With this backdrop, companies are increasingly dedicating resources and setting public commitments to women’s progress. However, there is little evidence that these investments are having the desired impact, little data exists on what is working and what is not, and very few programs have presented cross-industry solutions or opportunities to scale.

The challenges facing women globally and the potential benefits for business are too large to address through siloed efforts focused on individual aspects of women’s empowerment. There is much more the business community can achieve by working together to harness the potential presented by women’s advancement. 

Download an overview of the Business Action for Women Collaborative Initiative.

Our Focus

Business Action for Women is a leading coalition of companies committed to achieving progress for women globally. This network will inspire ambition, increase impact, and catalyze scalable corporate solutions to support women’s global progress. 

Why Join

  1. Contribute to developing a call to action for global businesses on women’s empowerment.
  2. Identify how your company can leverage its full value chain, peers, and strategic partners to make the greatest contribution to women’s progress.
  3. Set meaningful collective commitments and take concrete, measurable actions toward those goals.
  4. Collaborate with peers and other stakeholders, including women’s funds and grassroots organizations, to leverage learnings and assets and identify scalable solutions to address shared challenges.
  5. Launch a virtuous circle of benefits for women and for business.

Our Approach

A business call-to-action on women’s empowerment will align companies around an aspirational vision and the desired outcomes for this group, and a shared measurement framework will enable companies to measure individual and collective impact. 

Three Action Clusters will drive focused multistakeholder and cross-sector action and connect companies to scalable solutions around three critical women’s empowerment issues:

  • Advancing Women in the Supply Chain
  • Empowering Women to Lead on Climate-Resilient Agriculture
  • Eliminating Gender-Based Violence


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Business Action for Women


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