Summary of the position

The Policy team provides tools and insight to international standard setters, signatories and policy makers to advance progress towards a regulatory and investment environment consistent with the implementation of PRI’s Mission Statement and the Six Principles.

This includes developing positions on government policy and making public statements or submissions in PRI’s name. The work is conducted through evidence-based collaborative projects with PRI signatories and other stakeholders.

The Senior Policy Manager will report to the Head of Policy. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Developing draft policy positions, consistent with the implementation of PRI’s Mission Statement and the Six Principles.
  • Promoting draft positions in consultation with signatories in local markets, including via the PRI clearinghouse platform.
  • Calibrating and integrating feedback.
  • Making policy representations and submissions to national and provincial governments and regulators as well as international institutions and supranational organisations.
  • Writing policy briefs to support the activities of PRI’s signatory base.
  • Analysing and synthesising research on risks and sustainability challenges in the financial system and the broader economy.
  • Identifying, researching and assisting with the prioritisation of PRI’s future research activities.
  • Prepare briefing notes and presentations for PRI executives on PRI policy activities including the Managing Director and the Director of Policy and Research.
  • Supporting the Head of Policy to (a) engage and work with PRI signatories, (b) develop relationships with key stakeholders (e.g. other investor networks, policymakers), (c) identify and take forward new signatory initiatives and collaborations on public and market policy-related issues.

The role will focus, but is not limited to, the U.S., including both Federal and State-level policy making and regulation.

Requirements and likely experience

  • Outstanding analytical, research and communications skills.
  • Professional English writing and editing skills.
  • Previous experience in conducting research and policy work, preferably including projects relevant to responsible investment.
  • Strong understanding of investment practice, the structure and operation of the investment chain, and of the issues relating to sustainable financial markets and the incorporation of ESG factors into investments
  • Experience of working internationally.
  • Education in economics, public policy, finance, natural sciences or international affairs is highly desirable.
  • A philosophical commitment to ESG/RI and the goals of the United Nations.
  • Must be eligible to work in the U.S..

To Apply

If you would like to apply please email a cover letter and CV to: