Grobest is one of the largest independent and most advanced producers of aquatic feed for shrimp and high-value fish in Asia and a global pioneer in differentiated functional feed products for high-value warm water species.

The Sustainability Director will be responsible for planning, development and implementation across a broad range of ESG agenda and sustainability performance areas. They will develop strategies, find gaps on ESG platform, ESG KPI monitoring and optimization, policy roll-out, social audits on supply chain, educating people on the importance of sustainability initiatives, NGOs engagement, material incident monitoring and correction plan progress, and preparation of materials and reports for engagements for both external and internal stakeholders within the Grobest Group.


Strengthened ESG performance:

  • Social audits on suppliers
  • ESG KPI collection and analysis, and improvement plan implementation
  • Close gaps on the ESG platform and optimize KPIs performance

Communication of Grobest sustainability management:

  • Annual Sustainability report
  • Updates for ESG meetings
  • ESG updates on corporate web site



  • Bachelor degree in appropriate areas of study include engineering, environmental science, aquaculture, animal science, food science or other related fields.

Working Experience:

  • Eight of more years of experience in program sustainability.

Technical & Professional Knowledge (or certification):

  • Proficient in Microsoft word, Excel and computer based productivity tools required.
  • Social audit skills and relevant certifications or regulation knowledge (such as SA8000, BAP, MSC, GlobalGAP, ISO, Modern Slavery, Human Right or ILO criteria) knowledge desirable.
  • Strong interpersonal skills highly desirable.
  • Critical thinking skills are essential for developing and implementing sustainability initiatives.


  • Excellent written and verbal communications in English;
  • Ability to effectively work under tight deadlines & manage multiple projects independently;
  • Resourcefulness in solving problems;
  • Attention to detail and accuracy.

Job Related Competencies:

  • The ability to collaborate and a background in program management, particularly with planning methods and coordinating programs, as well as budget preparation and monitoring.


  1. Implement changes and communicate them effectively: Aside from creating strategies to make the operation greener, sustainability senior managers are also responsible for communicating and marketing sustainability campaigns to internal and external stakeholders. He or she will be working closely with Production, HSE, QA and Sourcing, Marketing and PR, colleagues, vendors and in some cases the media, to educate and inform them on the changes the Company is looking to implement and how they will impact the environment and workplace.
  2. Measure the Company’s sustainability performance: It is crucial to keep track of what the Company is doing to make the Company more sustainable. Measuring and keeping track of ESG KPIs will work and optimize too.
  3. Data collection and analyse: Create monthly dashboard. Collect quarterly ESG KPIs from countries we operate in. Undertake a great deal of analysis. Analyse the ESG indicators. Work with functional teams to develop improvement plans, come up with solutions, weigh up the pros and cons, and then monitor or implement it.
  4. Social audit: Be responsible for social audits on supply chain (with the help of external consultant for the short term, develop social audit skills in mid-term and organize the internal social audit team in the long term), monitoring relevant supplier audits and correction plans.
  5. Material incidents: estimate the impact on operations, monitor the progress and improvement plans.
  6. Prepare sustainability reports: collect relevant information, edit materials for communicating with stakeholders, both internally and externally. Collaborate with the external consultants to prepare annual sustainability report.
  7. Engage NGOs for the updates and find the opportunities to involve in ESG initiatives.
  8. Manage the ESG pages on the corporate website through working with marketing team.
  9. Other ESG relevant affairs.

For more information you may directly email a CV to HR at HQ: