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February 1, 2016
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This month, follow BSR staff members as they attend, host, and speak at sustainability events throughout the world. 

What We’re Hosting

  • February 10: BSR’s Business Coalition for Population Health will host a Sustainability Matters webinar, “Integrating Health into Your Business,” to discuss how to translate health issues into business priorities. Speakers will include executives from Sodexo, Diageo, and the Vitality Institute, and BSR’s Advisory Services Associate Sophie Waskow Rifkin will moderate.
  • February 18: Supply Chain Sustainability Director Tara Norton will speak at a French-language BSR Connect event on climate risk and supply chain strategy in the BSR Paris office.

Where We’ll Be

  • February 1-2: President and CEO Aron Cramer will attend the We Mean Business Board meeting in New York.
  • February 2: Asia-Pacific Vice President Jeremy Prepscius, China Director Lin Wang, and Japan Director Asako Nagai will hold a member reception to celebrate the formal opening of the permanent BSR office in Shanghai.
  • February 7-8: Cramer will attend the Natural Capital Coalition Board meeting in Paris.
  • February 9-12: Cramer will speak in a closing plenary, “Understanding the Road Ahead,” at the Oslo Energy Forum in Oslo.
  • February 15: Advisory Services Manager Charlotte Bancilhon will participate in the workshop “Nonfinancial Disclosure and the Sustainability Code,” hosted by the German Council for Sustainable Development in Brussels.
  • February 15-18: Advisory Services Manager Rosa Kusbiantoro, Advisory Services Manager Maurice Meehan, and Partnership Development and Research Associate Martin Benderson will run Maritime Anti-Corruption Network multistakeholder workshops to support the U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office grant project on transparency and integrity in port and customs in Jakarta, Indonesia. 
  • February 23-25: Cramer and Senior Vice President Eric Olson will speak at several GreenBiz 2016 sessions in Scottsdale, Arizona. Advisory Services Manager Kelly Gallo and Conference Associate Hetal Shah will also attend. Follow them on Twitter for highlights at @aroncramer, @gospodinolson, @kellyagallo, and @hetal8278

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