Sarah Mouriño

Sarah works with the transport and logistics industry to advance more climate-resilient, sustainable, and inclusive operations through collaborative initiatives, consulting, and research. In this role, she brings together diverse stakeholders from across the global value chains for air, sea, and road freight to collectively reduce the roughly 8 percent of greenhouse gas emissions caused by freight transportation globally.

At BSR, Sarah oversees Clean Cargo, the Sustainable Air Freight Alliance, Future of Fuels, and the Sustainable Freight Buyers Alliance collaborations, in addition to incubating transformative initiatives to enable change at a global scale. Prior to joining BSR, Sarah led sustainability efforts across the transport and logistics ecosystem including at the Port of Seattle, the Maersk Group, and the International Maritime Organization.

Sarah holds a B.A. in Environmental Planning and Policy from Western Washington University and a M.A. in Policy Studies from the University of Washington.