Nate Springer

Nate guides companies to improve their climate resilience. He maintains relationships with BSR’s North American transportation and renewable energy member companies, and manages BSR’s Clean Cargo Working Group and Future of Fuels collaborative initiatives.

In these roles, Nate facilitates engagement among global brands and their value chain partners to reduce environmental impacts. He has managed strategy and stakeholder engagement projects for many Fortune 500 companies.

Previously, Nate worked with Malk Sustainability Partners and led projects as an intern for Dow Chemical and Owens Corning. He has more than seven years of experience in stakeholder engagement, including work in the United States and in Latin America with the Peace Corps.

Nate holds an M.B.A. and M.S. in Natural Resources from the University of Michigan and a B.A. in Environmental Science from Willamette University. He is fluent in Spanish. 

Insights From Nate Springer