Kayla Brown

Kayla works with BSR member companies across industries with a focus on human rights, technology, and sustainability management. She also supports BSR’s Tech Against Trafficking collaborative initiative. 

Before joining BSR, Kayla was part of the research team at Article 30, where she contributed to a range of research and advisory projects in the business and human rights field. She advised corporate sustainability teams, worked closely with local NGOs in Southeast Asia, and contributed to a report evaluating the current and future state of business and human rights in Asia for the UN Development Programme and the UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights. Prior to Article 30, Kayla was a Research Assistant at Berkeley Law’s Human Rights Center and worked for the Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity. Her research explored human rights advocacy, content governance, and stakeholder engagement in the technology sector. 

Kayla holds a B.A. in Media Studies with a minor in Public Policy from UC Berkeley.

Insights From Kayla Brown