Andrea Lilja

Andrea leads BSR’s HERproject programs in India, working with companies and civil society to promote women’s empowerment in global supply chains. She also oversees HERhealth, a cross-sector initiative that aims to improve the health of low-income workers through education and increased access to healthcare.

Prior to joining BSR, Andrea worked at the Embassy of Sweden in Lusaka, Zambia, where she managed partnerships and grants to international and regional NGOs, UN agencies, and companies advancing human rights in sub-Saharan Africa. Andrea previously worked with UNHCR’s regional office for Northern Europe, where she managed fundraising activities and related communications. She also spent several years working with Swedish civil society on issues related to human rights, youth empowerment, and international development cooperation. Andrea speaks English, Swedish, and basic French. 

Andrea holds an MSc in Political Science, with a major in International Relations, from Uppsala University.

Insights From Andrea Lilja