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A Deeper Look: Lessons from Rana Plaza

In the weeks since the building collapse that killed more than 1,000 apparel workers in Bangladesh, BSR has expressed our view that this tragedy arose from a systemic failure.

Lasting solutions to prevent further calamities—and ensure fair treatment of workers—require that business, government, civil society, and consumers take action on many different fronts.

To help explain why this happened and offer our view of existing solutions, we have launched a series of articles, “Lessons from Rana Plaza,” by several BSR experts from around the world, with a range of backgrounds and perspectives.

BSR’s Work

BSR In the Media


One Year Later

To Prevent Another Rana Plaza, Build Better Societies, Not Just Better Factories

Racheal Meiers

A year after the deadliest garment industry accident in modern history, HERproject Director Racheal Meiers writes that to prevent future tragedies, business and partners need to tackle root causes beyond the factory wallsRead more →

Video Interview

Business in Society: The Bangladesh Garment Industry's Tipping Point

In an interview by Business in Society's John Paluszek, BSR's Advisory Services Managing Director Laura Gitman and Manager Chhavi Ghuliani discuss how business has responded in the aftermath of the Rana Plaza factory collapse and highlight BSR's work in Bangladesh and throughout the garment sector.

Systems Change

Lessons from Rana Plaza: Shocked, But Not Surprised

Aron Cramer

BSR President and CEO Aron Cramer writes about the systemic nature of this challenge in Bangladesh, which dates back more than 20 years. Read more →

Investments in Women’s Empowerment

The Other Women’s Movement: Factory Workers in the Developing World

Racheal Meiers

HERproject Director Racheal Meiers discusses how investments in women’s empowerment initiatives can help improve the lives of the very workers who were brought into the spotlight with the Bangladesh tragedy. Read more →

A Stronger Approach to Sustainable Procurement

Putting More Muscle, Brains, and Heart into Sustainable Procurement

Tara Norton

Advisory Services Director Tara Norton offers her thoughts on the need for a stronger approach to sustainable procurementRead more →

Changing Consumer Demands

Are Consumers Done with Fast Fashion?

Elisa Niemtzow

Advisory Services Associate Director Elisa Niemtzow examines consumer attitudes about “sustainable fashion” versus the desire for “fast fashion.” Read more →

Responsible Buying in New Markets

From Bangladesh to Myanmar: Level-Set Responsible Sourcing

Jeremy Prepscius Chris Nolan Rosa Kusbiantoro
Asia-Pacific Vice President Jeremy Prepscius, Associate Director Chris Nolan, and Associate Rosa Kusbiantoro will explore how business can approach responsible buying in the newly open market of Myanmar, given the experiences of Cambodia, China, Vietnam, and Bangladesh. Read more →

Learning from the Past

Labor Protection: What Can Bangladesh Learn from China?

Jason Hon

Advisory Services Manager Jason Ho will look at the changes related to worker protection and rights in Chinese factories, and how that could (or could not) be a model for changes needed in Bangladesh. Read more →

Human Rights Fundamentals

Faris Natour

In his forthcoming blog, Human Rights Director Faris Natour will discuss how Rana Plaza was born from a failure to protect fundamental human rights of workers.