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Membership FAQ

Common questions and answers about BSR and membership.

If you don't see your question answered here, please contact us.

About BSR

What are the core values of BSR?

Our core values include leadership, integrity, and respect. These values are intended to guide our actions and mindset, and apply equally to our work with member companies, other key stakeholders, and the way we interact with each other internally.

Using these values, we strive to act as a catalyst for progress for the global business community in building a more sustainable world. We are focused on impact (through tangible results), authority (through excellence and insight in our work), compassion (through a respectful and nonjudgmental approach), and connection (through our global network).

What is BSR's mission?

Our mission is to work with business to create a just and sustainable world.

Who are the members of BSR?

The full member list can be found at www.bsr.org/member-list.

Does BSR certify companies?

No, BSR does not provide certification.

May I have a copy of your mailing list?

No. To protect members' privacy, BSR does not share or rent its mailing list with third-party organizations.

May I have a copy of your annual report?

BSR does not publish a traditional annual report. We do produce a report on our impact and organization regularly.

Does BSR endorse any global standards?

BSR does not establish or promote particular standards in CSR or in any related issues. This enables BSR to be in an objective position to positively engage with companies.

How can I get in touch with the local BSR chapter or network?

BSR does not have local-based chapters or networks. You can find our offices worldwide at our contact page.

May I intern at BSR?

Please visit the Interns for a Sustainable Future page for BSR internship opportunities.

How do I contact BSR?

Please visit our contact page for more information.

Where can I find details of upcoming events?

Please visit our events page for a list of upcoming workshops, webinars, and networking opportunities. Information about the annual BSR Conference can be found at www.bsr.org/conference.

On Becoming a Member

Who may join BSR?

We maintain an open membership policy. Any company that expresses the desire to improve its sustainability performance is welcome to join BSR.

We maintain this open membership policy for three main reasons. First, we believe all companies have areas of their performance that can be improved, and our open membership policy ensures that we can promote improvement where it is most needed. As our founders stated, BSR works with “leaders and learners, and most companies are both.” An approach that excludes companies from membership would undermine our ability to work with individual companies, and share information between companies. Second, applying a test to membership would inevitably lead to a “revolving door” membership that would interfere with our approach. Our experience has been that company performance can vary—sometimes substantially—from year to year. Third, we do not believe there is, as yet, a consensus view on what performance is “enough” as it relates to sustainability. We are not a standard-setting organization and do not see existing standards that would provide an accurate and reliable view of what kind or level of performance is sufficient.

The integrity of this model is safeguarded by our policy against allowing companies to cite BSR membership as a “seal of approval” certifying that they have achieved a certain level of performance. As we do not establish qualifying criteria for membership, we are clear about stating that the fact of BSR membership alone does not provide any qualitative assessment of a company’s performance on sustainability.

Does BSR offer membership for individuals?

No. Membership in BSR is open to companies and organizations only. Memberships for individuals are available at Net Impact and Social Venture Network.

How does my company or organization join BSR?

Complete this inquiry form, and we'll follow up with you shortly.

How much does membership cost?

Annual dues are based on a company's gross annual revenues or an organization’s annual operating budget. Please refer to this chart of our annual membership dues.

Are dues considered charitable contributions?

No. While BSR is a 501(c)(3) public benefit nonprofit organization, members receive services and benefits in return for their annual membership dues. Therefore, membership dues are not a charitable contribution.

What forms of payment does BSR accept for membership?

BSR accepts payment by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express), but a transaction fee will be applied. Payments may also be made by check (make payable to "BSR") or wire transfer. Email memberservices@bsr.org for wire transfer details. Membership dues are non-refundable.

I'm writing a check; can I pay for membership in currency other than U.S. dollars?

At this time, payment is accepted in U.S. dollars only.

When can my company or organization join BSR?

Membership may be initiated any time.

Is membership annual or is it one-time?

Annual dues cover twelve months from the date of membership and renews annually in the month your company joined.

What are my company's obligations once it becomes a member?

We ask that all members read and adhere to our membership Policies and Benefits, created to protect our members' privacy, the value of membership, and the intellectual property of BSR. Every member receives a copy of BSR's Membership Policies and Benefits on joining, which may also be obtained for free by downloading the PDF file.

BSR places no other formal obligations or expectations on its members in terms of their policies, practices, or performance. BSR encourages its members to get involved in CSR through engagement with our staff of experts, participation in projects or working groups, attendance at the annual BSR Conference, and participation in other member-only activities and events. We have found that members receive greater benefits by engaging actively.

Is membership an endorsement of a company and its CSR efforts?

We do not endorse or certify companies. While we believe that certifications can promote improved sustainability performance, under the right circumstances, we do not focus our energies on this.

There are several reasons for this policy. First, we believe that it would be a conflict of interest to certify companies when we have a member relationship with them and often consult for them as well. Second, we believe that the sustainability agenda is so dynamic that the criteria for certification will—and should—change over time, making it difficult to determine where to “set the bar” for certification. Third, we believe we can add greater value by focusing on how to improve sustainability performance across the board for business rather than measuring performance.

Are there special membership rates for students doing research?

Student memberships are not available. We encourage students to contact Net Impact, a network of emerging business leaders committed to using the power of business to create a better world.

Can I get the BSR Insight without becoming a member?

No. The BSR Insight is an exclusive benefit to our members.

Who are the current members of BSR?

We have more than 250 member companies, from a range of industry sectors. A full list is available at www.bsr.org/member-list.

Once You’re a Member

I've forgotten my password; how can I retrieve it?

Please use our password reset form.

How do I subscribe to the BSR Insight or change the email address it is sent to?

Please use our subscription form request to sign-up for the BSR Insight. If you have a BSR Member Center profile, log in and go to Your Subscriptions page. To change the email it is sent to, please email memberservices@bsr.org.

You may also, on behalf of your colleagues, add new subscribers from your organization.

The complimentary BSR Insight subscription is available to direct employees of member companies or associates only. BSR asks that members provide valid company or organization email addresses (for example, jdoe@company.com or jdoe@organization.org). Please see Membership Policies and Benefits (PDF) for complete details on the complimentary subscription.

How do I unsubscribe from the BSR Insight?

Please log in to the Member Center and go to Your Subscriptions to manage your subscriptions to the BSR Insight and other BSR emails.”

How do I tell other BSR members about my company or organization and the services we offer?

Members may not send mass communications or other solicitations to other members. BSR does not distribute third-party solicitations.

How can my company or organization promote its membership in BSR?

BSR requests that members obtain permission to use BSR's name, logo, and statement of membership by contacting Member Services at memberservices@bsr.org.

Members may place BSR's logo, a statement of membership, and/or a link to the BSR site (www.bsr.org) on their website. Members may also use BSR's name and logo on other promotional materials with approval from Member Services. The use of BSR's name and logo are proprietary and protected by federal law. Membership and use of BSR's name and logo cannot be used as a statement of endorsement.

Is it acceptable for me to forward the BSR Insight to my coworkers?

BSR distributes the BSR Insight directly to individual recipients. To add recipients to the BSR Insight distribution, please log into the BSR Member Center and use the Add Colleague form. We understand that within some member companies, it may be preferable for a limited number of contacts to receive and distribute the BSR Insight to their coworkers and/or to post the BSR Insight to a company intranet. In this case, the BSR Insight may be shared with unlimited contacts within a member organization; however, contents may not be shared with contacts who are not direct employees of the member company.

BSR allows for a member to share the BSR Insight with direct employees through an internal system, such as a newsletter or intranet, so long as that system is strictly for direct employees of the member. BSR asks that the member reference BSR within the internal system with the following:

The following is "BSR Insight," an electronic newsletter on corporate social responsibility published biweekly by BSR (www.bsr.org). We share this valuable information with permission from BSR. [Member Name] is a member of BSR and any of our direct employees may receive the benefits of our membership. If you would like to receive the BSR Insight directly, or access more of the benefits of BSR membership, please email BSR's Member Services at memberservices@bsr.org.

BSR asks that, if possible, members also link to www.bsr.org and place the BSR logo within the internal system. Member Services can provide a high-resolution file of the logo for this purpose.

Is it acceptable for me to forward the BSR Insight to someone who doesn't work for my company?

No. The BSR Insight is for BSR members only and can only be shared/forwarded to member organization personnel. If you know someone who would be interested in the BSR Insight or in receiving more information about BSR, you may ask us to send membership information. Your referral can be referenced in the accompanying letter.

My company has just done innovative CSR work; how may I get it mentioned in the BSR Insight?

The BSR Insight covers the top issues, news, and reports that are relevant to corporate social responsibility. It contains lead articles, providing CSR solutions and case studies, news summaries, and recent reports. BSR does not accept press releases as source material. Please feel free to bring earned media coverage regarding your CSR performance to our attention by emailing memberservices@bsr.org.

What are the engagement options open to me as a BSR member?

Members at the US$11,000 dues level and above (at least $US1 billion annual revenue) may choose one of a suite of engagement options as part of their membership. Please refer to the engagement options overview for details.

Where can I learn more about the collaborative initiatives that are included in the engagement options?

Access to and participation in BSR’s collaborative initiatives is a core benefit of BSR membership. Please refer to the collaborative initiatives engagement options overview for details.

How do I find out who my account representative is?

Please log in to the member center, and navigate to the About Your Membership page, where you should see the name and email address of your account representative. If you do not see an account representative on that page, please email memberservices@bsr.org. Note that a dedicated account representative is only guaranteed for members at the US$11,000 dues level and above (at least $US1 billion annual revenue).

How do I get access to the Member Center?

You may already have a Member Center profile, so please first use our password reset form. If you do not already have a profile, please use our subscription form to request access to the Member Center.

How do I register for and access recordings of Sustainability Matters webinars?

You can find a list of upcoming Sustainability Matters webinars and access recordings of past webinars on our webinar page. Note that a Member Center log-in is required.

How do I post job openings on BSR’s website?

Please email the job description to web@bsr.org. It will be posted on our CSR jobs page.