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Upcoming Events

Apr 16 2014

Chicago | BSR Events

BSR Connect | Transparency and Transformation: A Dinner Conversation with BSR Learn more 

Join BSR members and invited guests in Chicago for a conversation about sustainability, transparency, and transformation, the theme of the BSR Conference 2014.

Apr 24 2014

Paris, France | Ateliers Perspectives et Solutions RSE

BSR Breakfast | Unlocking the Value of Sustainable Procurement Learn more 

During this event, BSR will share best practices for enabling sustainable procurement. BSR will feature case studies of businesses across industries and present research and tools developped by the Center for Sustainable Procurement, a BSR initiative supporting sustainable supply chain and procurement work.

Apr 24 2014

New York | BSR Events

BSR Connect | A Dialogue on Business in a Climate-Constrained World Learn more 

BSR will host an invitation-only evening event in New York that will explore how the private sector can collaborate on climate leadership and highlight the opportunities for companies at the forefront of climate action.

Apr 25 2014

Washington, D.C. | BSR Events

Workshop: Child Labor in the Conflict Minerals Supply Chain Learn more 

BSR, in conjunction with Boeing, GE, and Pact, will host a workshop on how to address child labor in the conflict minerals supply chain. 

May 8 2014

Long Beach, CA | BSR Events

Future of Fuels | Bringing Better Transportation Fuels to Scale Learn more 

This stakeholder dialogue, hosted by BSR's Future of Fuels at the ACT Expo 2014, will explore challenges standing in the way of scalable solutions for low-carbon fuel and opportunities for different parts of the value chain to work together to accelerate progress in creative ways.

Jun 11 2014

Paris, France | BSR Events

BSR Spring Forum 2014 | Climate Action: The Urgency of Business Leadership Learn more 

The science is clear: We must hold global mean temperature rise to less than 2°C above pre-industrial levels to avoid significant and potentially irreversible risks to our planet and population. To engage our member companies and others on this challenge, we are announcing the BSR Spring Forum 2014, a global Forum for business leadership on climate.