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Eligibility & Dues

Any company that’s committed to improving its sustainability performance is eligible to join BSR.

Corporate membership dues are based on a company’s total consolidated annual revenues for the most recently completed fiscal year for which audited financial statements are available, per the table below.

Corporate Dues Level

Annual Revenues

Annual Dues

Less than US$1 billion US$5,000
US$1 billion - less than US$5 billion US$11,000
US$5 billion - less than US$10 billion US$16,500
US$10 billion - less than US$20 billion US$22,000
US$20 billion - less than US$50 billion US$27,500
US$50 billion or more US$33,000

Associate Members

Associate Membership is available to companies with annual gross revenues of less then US$1 billion, or to non-company organizations (e.g., NGOs, nonprofits, and academic institutions).

More Information

Please see our overview of BSR membership contact us at memberservices@bsr.org.