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International Women’s Day: Women and Sustainability

Woman worker


In the world today, women and girls face many of the greatest challenges, and yet they are critical partners and leaders in promoting sustainable development.

As many global leaders have attested, we believe investing in women carries huge returns for society and business. Moreover, we believe that promoting women’s empowerment is required for stable, just, and prosperous societies and economies.

Through HERproject, our global women’s empowerment initiative, BSR is promoting business engagement on this critical issue.

Beyond HERproject, we help our members create partnerships with women as employees, consumers, and community members. BSR has identified trends and best practices in women and sustainability including community investment, supply chain engagement, employee recruitment and retention, and stakeholder dialogue.

BSR believes that women’s empowerment must be a pillar of sustainability on a global scale, and that business must partner with the world’s women to help them overcome the challenges they face and realize the opportunities they promise.

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