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How Financial Institutions Can Lead on Sustainable Palm Oil

June 24, 2014

Why Palm Oil Matters to Investors and Banks

Palm oil has been a hot topic lately. Several new investor coalitions are engaging with companies on palm oil and continuing pressure on banks that lend to palm-oil-related companies. Additionally, we have seen major announcements from many palm oil buyers, traders, and producers about their sustainability standards.

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A New Class of Investor Risk: Ecosystem Malfunction

March 30, 2014

The Financial Risk from Ecosystem Malfunction

Many environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks can arise suddenly and may appear unpredictable to an outside investor—a fire, a labor protest, a compliance scandal—making it hard for investors to incorporate such risks into valuations or risk models. Others can be difficult to assess for different reasons—for example, despite a trend being foreseeable, the consequences and the timing of the impact on companies might be difficult to predict or measure. 

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Responding to Increasing Social and Environmental Risk in China

December 19, 2013

Reducing ESG Risk in China

As this newsletter has made clear in previous editions, environmental, social and governance (ESG) risk is on the rise in China, and even as the consequences become more severe for companies, there are growing implications for the financial sector as well. Whether it is investing, lending, or the overall strategy of the institution, the financial sector is grappling with how much of a role it can or should take.

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Three Steps towards Green Finance in China

September 4, 2013

Three Steps towards Green Finance in China

The Chinese government’s launch of the Green Credit Guidelines in 2012 was a major milestone for sustainable finance in the country. Banks in China responded proactively to the guidelines’ introduction and have subsequently made progress in improving China’s environmental situation, according to the China Banking Regulatory Commission. However, as we discuss in this issue’s feature article, challenges remain.

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As Environmental Protests Increase, New Implications for Business and Investment

June 18, 2013

Increasing Environmental Protests Are Disrupting Investments

In the past few years, new investments in China have been cancelled, postponed, or significantly disrupted due to concern over their environmental impacts, both potential and actual. Protests by local residents have surged, with recent actions affecting a chemical plant in Kunming and a battery plant in Shanghai. The success of these protests will no doubt inspire increased levels of social action, which will have a significant impact on business. The government is responding by increasing standards, punishments, and pollution-reduction targets, all of which may increase costs for businesses that fail to meet the regulations.

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