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Research | Overview

Research is critical to fulfilling our mission at BSR. It enables us to investigate emerging issues and generate solutions for business action to build a just and sustainable world.

Our Partnership Development and Research Team, supported by experts from across BSR regions and industry clusters, provide robust and actionable analysis on complex and interconnected sustainability issues and trends. Our objectives are to shape and advance the debate, bridge the gap between corporate sustainability theory and practice, and provide high-quality information and analysis on key sustainability issues.

BSR structures its research work around two major themes:

  • Business in a Climate Constrained World
  • Business Leadership for an Inclusive Economy

In addition to these two themes, we also publish regular research on a range of sustainability issues relevant to business. Our products include research reports, working papers, practitioner guides, issue briefs, and infographics.

We apply a variety of research methodologies to achieve our aims, including surveys, focus groups, and interviews, and by drawing upon the most innovative emerging analysis from a broad array of stakeholders and thinkers. By tapping our global and local networks of business, government, and civil society, we are able to draw on diverse perspectives to seek solutions and develop unique collaborations to advance sustainability.

Our research is available on our website and distributed via our communication platforms, annual Conference, and workshops and events with members and stakeholders.