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Why Did the ‘Tweenbot’ Cross the Road? (To Teach Us About Kindness)

How Companies Can Help Prevent Trafficking

Empowering Women Through Mobile Technology

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Climate Change

BSR’s “Business in a Climate-Constrained World” strategy catalyzes private sector action on climate resilience in two ways: by helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions consistent with holding global mean temperature rises to less than 2˚C above pre-industrial levels, and enhancing adaptive capacity in the face of inevitable climate impacts.

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Inclusive Economy

An inclusive economy is one in which all individuals and communities participate in, benefit from, and contribute to global and local economies. BSR’s “Business Leadership for an Inclusive Economy” strategy leverages traditional business resources to support three core pillars—good jobs, access to critical goods and services, and sustainable communities—creating short and long-term benefits to business and society alike.

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