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Reports Archives March 2011

March 31, 2011

Adapting to Climate Change: A Guide for the ICT Industry

Ryan Schuchard, Associate Director, Climate Change

This primer on climate change adaptation in the information and communications technology (ICT) industry summarizes how ICT companies are reporting on climate change risks and opportunities. It outlines current and emerging best practices and guidance for ICT companies on how to develop a proactive approach to climate change adaptation, and makes recommendations. Read more 

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March 28, 2011

Women and Sustainability | Employing Women Responsibly: The Emerging Market Context

Jennifer Schappert, Former Manager, Partnership Development and Research

With post-secondary education and formal workforce participation rates approaching 50 percent, women employees may be just what multinational companies need to overcome labor shortages in emerging markets. At the same time, fair and equal formal-sector employment represents the most powerful contribution to gender equality that a company can provide. Read more 

Download  Topics: Human Rights, Strategy & Integration, Women & Sustainability

March 25, 2011

Commercial Value From Sustainable Local Benefits: Local Content

Jessica Davis Pluess, Manager, Partnership Development and Research

Delivering local benefits in the communities where extractives companies operate is no longer a choice. It is a commercial necessity—and one that is increasingly mandated by law. In the new competitive landscape of waning supply and increasing demand for energy and mineral resources, companies in the extractive industries face rising expectations to do more than simply mitigate negative impacts, serve as sources of tax/royalty revenue, and act as good neighbors Read more 

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March 24, 2011

Maximizing Benefits From a Sustainable Supply Chain

Leading companies are working to improve the social and environmental performance of their supply chains by building closer relations with suppliers, developing supplier capacity, and identifying and investing in opportunities for improvements along the supply chain. Read more 

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March 18, 2011

Stories From the Field

Richard Feinberg, Professor, University of California, San Diego, and Tamar Benzaken Koosed, President, Manaus Consulting

"Stories From the Field" provides a reader-friendly collection of 14 case studies from our DR-CAFTA Responsible Competitiveness Project in Central America and the Dominican Republic, which BSR created and led to make the business case for responsible labor in the region. Read more 

Download  Topics: Civil & Political Rights, Local Sustainable Performance, Consumer Products, Economic Development, Economic, Social & Cultural Rights, Food, Beverage & Agriculture, Human Rights, Information & Communications Technology, Supply Chain

March 14, 2011

Waste Not, Want Not: An Overview of Food Waste

Guy Morgan, Director, Advisory Services; Kai Robertson, Senior Advisor

More than 1 billion people (one-sixth of the world’s population) suffer from chronic hunger. It is not a problem of supply, since the food system continues to provide enough food to feed the world. One of the reasons for this disconnect is simply waste. By many estimates, one in three food calories is currently wasted. Read more 

Download  Topics: Food, Beverage & Agriculture, Food Waste, Strategy & Integration, Supply Chain, Sustainable Consumption, Travel & Tourism

March 7, 2011

Women and Sustainability: Investing in Women’s Health

Racheal Meiers (née Yeager), Director, HERproject

The gender dimensions of health have significant impacts on workplace productivity, the consumer marketplace, community stability, and community member well-being. Investments targeted at raising women's health awareness and access to health products and services, can deliver important immediate business benefits, such as more productive workforces or more informed consumers. In the longer term, these investments also support women's full economic participation and contribute to healthier, more stable communities. Read more 

Download  Topics: Economic Development, Supply Chain, Women & Sustainability

March 7, 2011

Women and Sustainability

Jennifer Schappert, Former Manager, Partnership Development and Research; Racheal Meiers (née Yeager), Director, HERproject

BSR's new research series, "Women and Sustainability," identifies trends and provides recommendations to help companies invest in women as consumers, employees, community members, and partners. Read more 

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March 7, 2011

Women and Sustainability: Investing in Women’s Economic Empowerment

Racheal Meiers (née Yeager), Director, HERproject

Investments in women's economic empowerment are a strategic means to create and support markets, by providing jobs, opportunities for professional development, financial literacy and access to banking, and start-up capital and capacity-building to help women run small businesses. Read more 

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