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Ranking Digital Rights: A New Platform for the ICT Sector Listen to the recording 

In this members-only webinar, we explore the new Ranking Digital Rights project, which will help information and communications technology companies improve their freedom of expression and privacy policies, as well as inform investors, consumers, advocates, and policymakers. 

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Business and Population Health: CSR’s Next Frontier Listen to the recording 

This webinar will explore how CSR can be mobilized to strengthen corporate engagement on health and wellness and discuss BSR's latest research on the issues.

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The Fair Winds Charter: How Shipping Companies Collaborated For Cleaner Air in Hong Kong Listen to the recording

In 2010, 17 shipping companies signed the Fair Winds Charter and committed to switching to cleaner fuel when berthing in the Hong Kong harbor. According to Hong Kong's Environmental Protection Department, there has been a significant drop in at-berth sulphur dioxide emissions and particulate matter for the past three years, resulting in cleaner air in the area surrounding one of the world's largest ports. Learn more →

March 21, 2013 | Listen to the recording

A Conversation About Convergence: Corporate Governance and Sustainability in Asia’s Capital Markets Listen to the recording

BSR’s Vice President of Asia-Pacific Jeremy Prepscius speaks to John Hodges, BSR’s Financial Services Director, and Jamie Allen, the Founding Secretary General of the Asian Corporate Governance Council, about the connection between corporate governance and sustainability.  Learn more →

January 18, 2013 | Listen to the recording

Risks and Opportunities for Companies Entering Myanmar Listen to the recording

BSR’s Vice President of Asia-Pacific Jeremy Prepscius speaks to Chris Nolan—BSR’s Energy and Extractives Manager in Asia and in-house expert on Myanmar—about the issues that companies should consider as they enter this new frontier. Learn more →

January 14, 2013 | Listen to the recording

China’s Social Security System: Impact on Brands and Suppliers Listen to the recording

BSR's latest podcast examines China’s social security system through the lens of collective bargaining challenges facing factory managers, workers, brands, and China-based suppliers. Learn more →

October 15, 2012 | Listen to the recording